Theodor Herzl: The confrontation

Everyone knows Theodor Herzl, The founder of Zionism.
Everyone knows of difficulties He had in organizing
The Jewish Congress, in Meeting the Sultan of Turkey,
The Kaiser and the Queen of England. But few people know
That most of the problems he had to overcome
came from his own entourage.
One of his fiercest opponents was Moritz Benedikt,
Founder of the NEUE FREIE PRESSE, the biggest newspaper
in Vienna where Theodore Herzl was working.
For years Benedikt was like a father to Herzl.
Until the publication of THE JEWISH STATE
and Herzl's own newspaper.
Their friendship, which he believed to be
stronger than anything, came to an end at a violent meeting
which took place on a dark autumn afternoon in Vienna.
This is the story we are now going to tell you.

A film by David Szerman.